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  1. What is a Facebook secret group?
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  3. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups ( Update)
  4. An Introduction to Facebook’s Secret Groups

In short, focus groups are the best way to get a full array of perspectives. The success of focus groups, though, is heavily dependent upon the skilled leadership of its moderator.

What is a Facebook secret group?

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 11 references. Categories: Featured Articles Customer Relations. Learn more Pick a single, clear purpose.

Alcoholics Anonymous

This is an opportunity to learn the nuanced opinions of clients, potential customers, staff members or a community. Ideally, you'll only be talking to one of these groups per focus group. They'll be expressing opinions on one topic, which should be kept to a single product or issue. There's a reason it's called a focus group.

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Narrow down your target audience. Are you researching how your product is received among adolescents? What age range specifically?

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups ( Update)

Do they have specific interests, hobbies, or spending habits? The more specific you can get this, the better you'll be able to guide your recruitment and find useful opinions. If your target audience includes members of a specialized profession, such as doctors, don't try to combine them with other demographics. They will be most likely to speak freely around people from the same background. Consider organizing a control group. If you have the resources to run two focus groups, consider running one focus group with participants from your target demographic, and one audience from the broader pool of potential customers or community members.

This second "control group" helps you separate the unique opinions of the target demographic from opinions that are more widely shared. Refrain from using the focus group for ulterior motives. Focus groups are less effective when the facilitators or clients try to move beyond the original scope of the project.

A focus group is not a meeting. You are not trying to achieve consensus or come up with a solution. A focus group is not a public relations opportunity. Don't go out of your way to present your organization in a good light. A focus group is not a way to collect statistical data; the sample size is too small and the data is qualitative. Find a second facilitator. An assistant can take notes and handle the recorder, so that you can focus on facilitating the discussion.

The assistant should not participate in the discussion, else the facilitators dominate the discussion and the authority of the lead moderator be undermined The assistant should, however, introduce themselves prior to the beginning of the focus group. This is important for making participants feel comfortable with an additional person in the room.

An Introduction to Facebook’s Secret Groups

No one else should be present unless they have a clear role, such as managing snacks and sign-in sheets. Unnecessary spectators can make participants nervous. Choose a comfortable venue and recording method. Find a private area where participants will feel relaxed and comfortable. Video cameras or one-way observation mirrors are often used for market research, but they are not appropriate for focus groups covering sensitive or stigmatized topics.

Use an audio recorder instead if you are concerned about the effect of observation on participant comfort. Organizing seats into a circle will make all participants feel more equal and comfortable participating than if, for example, they are sitting at a rectangular table with one person at the head. Prepare questions. Design the questions to encourage participants to open up and talk about their opinions in depth.

Avoid yes-or-no questions, since people are more likely to respond "yes" to please you. Instead, use open-ended questions like "What do you think of this product? Keep sentences short and focus so that they do not confuse participants. Avoid questions that might embarrass participants or intimidate them into silence. Begin with questions that encourage participants to talk generally about the subject to make them comfortable and familiar with the topic of conversation. Ask positive questions to establish comfort, before moving on to more negative questions. Plan out how you will record data.

Before you begin acquiring data, you will want to consider how you will store it. That means not only getting a tape recorder, but also thinking about a format in which you can organize and sort through your data. For example, an excel spreadsheet can be used to record responses and label them according to common themes. This database will ultimately be used to account for how many of a particular type of response you received and serve as an ease go to source for particularly impactful quotes on any given subject.

Why You Should Create Facebook Groups for Your Business

If the data needs to be shared with multiple researchers, use a password protected online database like Dropbox. Write your advertisements to whittle down potential applicants. Use clearly worded announcements and an introductory questionnaire to make the requirements, date, and time as obvious as possible. If you are looking for a particular type of participant,—for example. Eventually, Simmons and McDaniels rapped in front of Mizell at the park, and the three became friends.

Simmons soon wanted to record again—-this time with McDaniels, but Russell refused, citing a dislike for D's rhyming style.

The Keys to Hosting and Running a Successful Challenge Group

The following year, in , Russell agreed to help them record a new single and land a record deal, but only after he changed McDaniels' stage name to his favourite car company, Delorean Motor Company 'DMC' and marketed the group as "Run-D. Run-DMC's swift ascension to the forefront of rap with a new sound and style meant that old-school hip hop artists were becoming outdated. Along with pushing rap into a new direction musically, Run-DMC changed the entire aesthetic of hip hop music and culture.

Old school rappers like Afrika Bambaataa and Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five tended to dress in the flashy attire that was commonly attributed to glam rock and disco acts of the era: tight leather, chest-baring shirts, gloves and hats with rhinestones and spikes, leather boots, etc. Run-DMC discarded the more glam aspects of early hip hop fashion which were later readopted in by more "pop" rappers like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice and incorporated a more "street" sense of style such as Kangol hats, leather jackets, and unlaced Adidas shoes.

When Russell Simmons saw Jay's flashy, yet street b-boy style; he insisted the entire group follow suit.

That embrace of the look and style of the street would define the next 25 years of hip hop fashion. After the success of their first album, Run-DMC looked to branch out on their follow-up. The music video for the single "Rock Box" was the first ever hip hop music video to be broadcast on MTV and received heavy rotation from the channel. The song was the group's most popular hit at that point and the album was certified platinum. In late, Run-DMC were featured in the hip hop film Krush Groove , a fictionalized retelling of Russell Simmons ' rise as a hip hop entrepreneur and his struggles to get his own label, Def Jam Recordings , off the ground.

The film was a hit in cinemas and was further proof of hip hop's continued mainstream visibility. Returning to the studio in , the group teamed with producer Rick Rubin for their third album. They later released their third album, titled Raising Hell , which became the group's most successful album and one of the best-selling rap albums of all-time. They were almost done with the album, but Rubin thought that it needed an element that would appeal to rock fans as well. This spurred the lead single " Walk This Way ", a cover of the classic hard rock song by Aerosmith.

The original intention was to just rap over a sample of the song, but Rubin and Jay insisted on doing a complete cover version.

The song and video became one of the biggest hits of the s, reaching 4 on the Hot , and cemented Run-DMC's crossover status. It also resurrected Aerosmith's career. Adidas formed a long-term relationship with Run-DMC and hip hop. The success of Raising Hell is often credited with kick-starting hip hop's golden age , when rap music's visibility, variety, and commercial viability exploded onto the national stage and became a global phenomenon.

The group toured in the wake of the album's success, but the Raising Hell Tour was marred by violence, particularly fights between rival street gangs in places like Los Angeles. Though Run-DMC's lyrics had been angry, confrontational and aggressive, they typically denounced crime and ignorance, but the media began to blame the group for the incidents. The album saw the group discarding much of their rap rock leanings for a grittier, more sample -heavy sound.