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  1. Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training, book 1) by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams
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  3. Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training) by Joan Holub

Before the Olympians can ask him about his powers, some of the crowd members start to throng the Olympians. Are they really Olympians?

Heroes in Training

Are they really going to defeat King Cronus? Dion looks kind of peeved about this, and the next thing the Olympians know, they are in a field somewhere, puzzled and not sure what happened. What kind of magical powers does this Dion kid actually have?

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And will he be more of a help—or a pain—in their ultimate quest to defeat King Cronus on. Zeus and the Olympians are tasked with finding a magical horse in this Heroes in Training adventure. When Zeus meets a young boy named Hermes, he claims to have their next quest from Pythia, the Oracle at Delphi. But he wants something for the information: Zeus must hand over the winged sandals he took from Perseus after their last battle.

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training, book 1) by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Could those sandals be another magical object? ISBN: pap ; hrd. The Olympians are off in search of hairy snakes—whatever that means. The shiny gold coins attract the attention of a mortal boy, Perseus, who tells the Olympians that the mysterious Gray Triplets hold the secret to finding those hairy snakes—and he is happy to take the Olympians to meet them. They find themselves in the clutches of the evil, nasty Medusa, who can turn them all to stone with one look—and may be the surprising key to those hairy snakes!

A clash between the Titans and The Olympians at sea leaves Zeus and his friends shipwrecked—and in a tidal wave of trouble—in this Heroes in Training adventure.

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After an encounter with Uranus, God of the Sky and father of the Titans , the Olympians find themselves in the middle of a battle between two big-time Titans. Just when it looks like the Olympians are done for, Zeus throws his thunderbolt high and causes a huge battle in the sky between the Titans. And Zeus has a feeling those bubbles mean trouble….

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Zeus and the Olympians might find a new leader among metal-working warriors in this Heroes in Training adventure. Then they meet Hephaestus, the leader of the island who they quickly realize is actually one of them—the Olympian they were meant to find. After all, life is pretty good on Lemnos, and he loves being in charge of the Sintians, who inhabit the island.

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training) by Joan Holub

Hephaestus suggests that if he does choose to go with the Olympians, he could be their leader. But what about Zeus? Not everyone is convinced he is still up for the job…. Can the Olympians manage to sneak away from Crius and his pesky Pandi—warriors with ears that can hear for miles—and save a sleepy Artemis, or are they in for a tough awakening? Zeus and the Olympians must deal with monstrous spiders and dangerous webs in this Heroes in Training adventure. Dodging the silky and sticky webs, the Olympians find themselves scattering in all directions to avoid getting caught.

And the Olympians soon discover that the Threads of Dread might not be as dreadful as they appear….

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Ares, Zeus, and the other Olympians encounter a huge snake and a sharp challenge in this Heroes in Training adventure. After overcoming many challenges, Zeus and his fellow Olympians arrive at the temple at Delphi—only to find a giant snake guarding the entrance!

Beyond the python, Pythia appears. The Olympians are now out to find the Spear of Fear. A group of Amazonian women currently have it, but it really belongs to Ares, the God of War. Ares is thrilled to know the next quest is about him—but soon realizes that when it comes to the powerful spear, he has a LOT to learn…. When a flock of angry birds threaten Zeus and his fellow Olympians, they need the help of a new friend—assuming the stranger is actually a friend!

After a horrible drought, Zeus and his fellow Olympians are determined to help restore the land as they try to figure out their current mission, to find a special shield called an aegis. Thanks to some grateful villagers, who benefit from the rain and crops that the young Olympians magically create, they find the armor they need. But they are suddenly swarmed by birds—thousands of killer, scary birds. Enhancements were made to more precisely measure materials read in K-2 classrooms. Although the vast majority of books that have Lexile measures did not change, a small subset of books required updated Lexile measures.

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